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Chania Boat Tours & Top Rated Destinations by Boat

September 4, 2021

A perfect and promising  way to explore the beautiful coastal scenery of Chania is by Boat . Chania boat Tours will give you the opportunity to visit famous destinations and hidden treasures of the region, something you should not miss if you are visiting the Island . On this article you will read about the top rated destinations by boat in Chania Region!

1.Chania Boat tours  to  Balos Lagoon 

Enjoy a Private Boat Tour from Chania to Popular Balos Lagoon starting from Chania Old Port Kolymbari or Kissamos Port. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon away from the crowds and relax under the sun in your private boat, sipping on a glass of wine or a cold beer.

On a private boat tour to Balos, you will also be able to visit Gramvousa Island and hike on its Castle for a stunning view from the Top.

Chania Boat Tours to Gramvousa Island

Gramvousa Island

If your starting point is Kolymvari or Chania, on the way back ask your private skipper or guide to boat tour along the Spatha peninsula and visit the beauty of the hidden caves and coves .

Booking  a Private boat tour from Chania gives you the chance to stop also by Theodorou Island , the island where the rare wild goat of Crete (Kri-Kri) lives . 

The recommended duration of a boat tour from Chania Old Port or Kolymvari is 5 hours for a sightseeing tour and 7 hours if you want to spend time to the other beaches also. The recommended duration of a boat tour from Kissamos Port is 4 to 6 hours. (the distance Kissamos – Balos is less than Chania -Balos)

Chania Boat Tours to Balos

Balos Lagoon


2.Chania Boat tours  to Seitan Port & Akrotiri Peninsula

Discover by Boat the Magical Akrotiri Peninsula. Rent a private boat including a skipper  from Chania Old Harbor and sail around the Peninsula of Akrotiri .

Visit Macherida‘s nudist beach , Katholiko beach (Avlaki Gorge) with its very old monastery, and last but not least Seitan Port . Seitan or Devils Port is well known  for its huge white shiny marble rocks and is one of the tourists best attractions .  If you take a private boat tour you will be able to swim to the shore instead of hiking down the steep path to the beach .  We recommend a private boat tour  to the east of the city of Chania for an unforgettable experience . 

The recommended duration for a private boat tour from Chania Old Port to Akrotiri Pensula is 4-6 hours.

*tip: a RIB between 6-10m is the best option for your boat rental in order to approach the beaches, caves and the small bays of the area.

Seitan Private Boat Tour

Seitan Port

3.Chania Boat tours  το Menies Beach and Private Beaches of Spatha peninsula

Lastly, we kept the less popular, less crowded beaches of North West Crete! Hire a boat from Chania or Kolymbari to explore the amazing Spatha Peninsula . If you want to enjoy a quiet peaceful day at sea, search for the hidden beaches and secret caves of the peninsula . Our experienced Captain will show you all the hidden gems and the unusual landscape of the area which is only accessible by boat . Relax and enjoy the silence of the scenery,  the turquoise water on your Private Boat tour from Chania .

The recommended duration for a private boat tour from Chania Old Port to Spatha Peninsula is 4-6 hours.

tip*: Combine your private boat tour with a barbeque experience on board!

Boat Tours to Menies and Spatha Peninsula

Menies Beach


How can I book a private boat tour in Chania Region?

Chania Boat Tours are available all year round with Seazetheday Boat Rental Company !

Seazetheday is the way to go ! Escape into the Blue with Seazetheday From Chania Kolymbari or Kissamos . Live like a local and discover the beauty of the Island by boat . SEAze the Day offers multisize boats to multiple destinations.

Choose HERE your private boat tour, snorkeling or fishing trip and we promise an unforgettable experience! 


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