Live like a local in Crete

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Sunset at Sea

A boat trip that allows you to enjoy the sunset on board of our boat with our specially made Spotify list for sunset trips. A peaceful boat trip to end your day with the surrounding sounds of the water and the breathtaking view of the sun setting on the sea. You will have the chance to taste wine from Chania’s local distilleries, exquisite Graviera cheese with honey and delicious seasonal fruit. Cherish this moment with your loved one and surprise them with the best gift for your vacation in Crete.

Fishing and Spearfishing Trips

Are you a fishing lover, or you just like fishing but you have never tried it? SEAze the Day is giving you the opportunity to experience the daily occupation of an islander for a day. Minos and Panagiotis are two experienced fishermen that will show you their fishing techniques to catch the fish. Then you will learn how to clean and grill the fish and we will eat all together on board. We guarantee comfort and safety as our boats are fully equipped for any inconvenience.  

Boat trip & Cooking

Combine a boat trip to a private beach with cooking classes. Here’s your chance to learn how to cook authentic Cretan food with the luxury of being at a private beach with a private chef. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea, while learning how to cook.

Underwater Photography in Chania

Underwater photography is the ultimate remembrance of a secret sea excursion in the crystal clear waters of Crete. A professional photographer and diver captures this unique experience. Underwater portraits of you and your loved ones in an underwater scenery are images like no other. The colours and the light in the waters of the Cretan sea contribute to such breathtaking photos. Get ready for an artistic journey at the bottom of the sea in Chania.

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