Seitan Limania & Balos beach: Explore Chania’s Hot Spots in One Day!

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    This exclusive day-long escapade is designed for those eager to explore the enchanting beauty of Chania’s coastal jewels in a single day. Departing from the historic Chania Old Port, our private cruise unveils the captivating allure of Seitan Limania, and the renowned Balos beach.

    The journey begins with the tranquil waters of Katholiko Bay, a secluded haven that sets the stage for the day’s maritime exploration. As we sail to Seitan Limania, also known as the Port of the Devil, be captivated by its natural marble formations and emerald-blue waters—a picturesque spot to anchor and savor the rare beauty of the bay.

    Continuing our odyssey, we navigate towards Menies Beach, nestled in the scenic Rodopou Peninsula, offering moments of serenity amid unspoiled nature. The highlight awaits at Balos Beach, an iconic destination with its warm, shallow lagoon and crystal-clear blue waters. Dive into the serene depths, relish delightful snacks, and sip refreshing drinks on board.

    Gramvousa Island, boasting a Venetian Fortress and a captivating shipwreck, adds a touch of history to our maritime adventure. On the return journey, the scenic coastline of Spatha Cape unfolds, revealing hidden caves and secluded beaches. Passing by Theodorou Island, our maritime odyssey concludes, leaving you with indelible memories of Chania’s coastal treasures.

    This bespoke voyage invites you to experience the magic of  Seitan Limania and the iconic Balos, all in one extraordinary day. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Chania’s most celebrated coastal wonders.

    Available Options

    Option 1: Depart from Chania and return to the same location
    Option 2: Depart from the small port of Marathi and return to Chania Old Harbour. From there, we can arrange transportation for you to return to your hotel or Villa.

    Free snorkeling supplies (upon request), drinks, and snacks.

    Suggested starting time: 8.30 – 9.00 a.m.


    • 1

      Chania: pick-up time: 9.00

    • 2

      Katholiko: arrival time: 9.25, stop: 1h

      Katholiko Bay
    • 3

      Seitan Limania: arrival time:10.35, stop: 1h

      Stefanou beach
      Cliff jumping spots
    • 4

      Menies: arrival time: 12.35, stop: 30′

      Menies Beach
      Rodopou peninsula's sightseeing tour
    • 5

      Balos: arrival time: 13.45, stop: 1.5h

      Balos Beach
    • 6

      Gramvousa: arrival time: 15.15, stop: 1h

      Gramvousa Shipwreck
      Gramvousa Fortress
    • 7

      Chironisia: arrival time: 16.45, stop: 45′

      Secret beaches and Caves exploration
    • 8

      Theodorou Island: arrival time: 18.00, stop: 15′

      Theodorou Island (wild goats, plane wreck from WWII)
    • 1

      Chania: drop-off time: 18.30 – 19.00

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

    Chania 35.51928702043179, 24.02310915889569 1
    Katholiko 35.59229770231606, 24.15001314178872 2
    Seitan Limania 35.5519596257959, 24.19340104627138 3
    Menies 35.66502583513729, 23.767792505472233 4
    Balos 35.57959632817411, 23.58865100797632 5
    Gramvousa 35.61210584871501, 23.580432317488444 6
    Chironisia 35.63550556718657, 23.771226582938123 7
    Theodorou Island 35.537865918405146, 23.931334028146424 8



    • Duration: All Day (9-10 h)
    • Travel distance: 86 n.m
    • Start time: 8:30 – 9:30
    • Languages: Greek – English
    • Number of travelers: 1-9 (per boat)


    • Boat
    • Fuel
    • Skipper


    There are two options:

    1. The boat departs and returns to the exact location in Chania Old Port SEAze The Day (open in google maps)
    2. The boat departs from Marathi and returns to a different location in Chania Old Port SEAze The Day (open in google maps)*.In that case, we provide the transportation service from Chania to Marathi at the end of your trip.


    • Traditional Cretan Snacks and light lunch (pasta salad), fruits
    • Soft drinks, water, beers
    • Snorkelling equipment (upon request)


    • Traditional Cretan Meal or Barbeque on board (fish – meat)
    • Fishing Equipment and fishing guide
    • Drone, GoPro, Photographer
    • Special Requests (boat relocation, tour extension)
    • Transfer to and from the Port


    The price of this private boat tour to the most famous destinations of North Chania starts from 1680 euros and goes up to 2200 euros per group (1-9 persons).
    The price depends on boat size, the number of people in your private group, and the selected extras.
    You can check our prices by requesting a quote via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

    If your group is larger than our maximum boat capacity, we can arrange a second boat to accommodate your group. The boats sail and tie together, so the group does not split. While docked, you can go from one vessel to the other. Ask us about the alternative options.

    Our company does not offer transportation services. However, we can arrange a one-way or round-trip taxi/minivan service for your transfer to and from the departure point at an additional cost.

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