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Boat Rental in Chania | Rent a Boat in Chania, Kissamos, Ierapetra

Renting a boat in Chania, Kissamos or Ierapetra is a way to start a whole new adventure. In fact, it is one of the unique ways  to explore Crete like a local, and also mingle...


Fishing Trips in Chania and Kissamos | Learn how to fish

When you come to Chania or Kissamos for your vacations in Greece, there are a lot of things to do. Most of them involve the sea since Crete is a very big island with a...


Top Destinations in Crete | Balos & Gramvousa

Balos captures your heart twice over: Once with a heart-stopping view that blends blues in a way that scarcely seems possible, and then from up close as a beach where you can swim or explore...


Never Ending Summer in Chania

Chania, the second largest town on Crete, is known as one of the most beautiful areas on this island. This is the type of place you say you’ll spend a few days in and then...


Unlock The Mystery Force of the Island of Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece. It’s a fine amalgamation of all the good things that Greece can provide; all found in one island. The well-kept Venetian cities of Chania and Rethymno. The cosmopolitan...


Rent a Boat from Kissamos to Balos With or Without a Skipper

Have you ever thought that COVID-19 might lock us all up again? Well, let’s not waste our precious time. Are you on holidays in Crete? Well, Kissamos is a very well known place to stay...

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