Rent a Boat from Kissamos to Balos & Gramvousa

Rent a Boat from Kissamos to Balos & Gramvousa
Updated: March 20, 2024

Are you soaking up the sun in Crete, or is it the heart of winter and you’re already dreaming of your summer vacations, surfing the internet for things to do in Chania? Then, let’s talk about an experience you won’t want to miss—renting a boat from Kissamos to explore the stunning Balos!

If you haven’t already marked your calendar for a stay in the Kissamos prefecture, it’s time to consider it. Nestled beyond the lively charm of Chania Town, Kissamos offers everything you could wish for: delicious food, friendly locals, and, most importantly, access to some of the most breathtaking beaches. We’re talking about gems like Balos Beach, Gramvousa Island, Elafonisi, and Falasarna. And guess what? Balos is closer than you think, offering an escape into paradise just a boat ride away.

From Kissamos to Balos: A Boat Rental Guide

Where is Kissamos

Kissamos is a special part of Crete, located on the island’s western side. It’s one of the four main areas of Crete. The main town of this region is also called Kissamos. This town is quite close to Chania Old Port, just about 40 km away. If you’re driving and the roads are clear, you can get there in around 30 minutes.

In Kissamos, you’ll find plenty of traditional restaurants. They serve delicious local dishes that you must try. Besides the tasty food, there are beautiful beaches and cool beach bars where you can relax and soak up the sun. The area around Kissamos is just as charming. There are lovely villages by the sea and up in the mountains. And of course, Kissamos is the gateway to some of the most famous beaches in Crete. Places like Balos, Gramvousa, Elafonisi, Falasarna, and Kedrodasos are here.

The port of Kissamos (open location in Google Maps) is a busy spot. It’s from here that boats head out to Balos and Gramvousa. They also go to more distant places like Antikythera, Kythera, and the Peloponnese. If you’re dreaming of a day at Balos beach, this port is your best starting point. Why? Because it’s the closest port to Balos. That means your boat trip will be shorter, easier, and cheaper. So, when you’re in Kissamos, make sure to check out the port and see where your next adventure can begin!

Where to Find Boats for Rent in Kissamos?

In Kissamos, you’ll find two key spots to rent boats, each offering a variety of options to suit your sea adventure needs.

First, there’s the main port of Kissamos (open in Google Maps). This is where the action happens, with a wide range of boats moored and ready for you. From small, easy-to-operate boats that don’t require a license, to more robust RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), motorboats, and elegant sailboats, it’s all here. The main port also hosts ferries, making it a bustling hub of maritime activity.

Then, just about 1km away from the hustle and bustle of the main port, is the Old Port of Kissamos (open location in Google Maps). Offering a quieter setting, it’s another excellent location to find a boat. The charm of the Old Port lies in its serene atmosphere, making it a pleasant place to start your journey.

Both ports are accessible by car, and once there, you’ll find signs and people ready to help guide you to the perfect boat rental. However, it’s strongly recommended to book your boat in advance, particularly during the peak season, to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for without any stress.

By planning ahead and securing your boat rental early, you’re all set for an unforgettable adventure on the waters around Kissamos, whether you’re heading out to explore nearby gems like Balos or simply looking to enjoy a day at sea.

Discovering Balos: The Best Way to Travel from Kissamos by Private Boat

While the journey to Balos offers various options – by car, bus, ferry, hiking, or private car transfer – nothing compares to the serenity and exclusivity of reaching it by a private boat. Pick the freshest solution for your way to go to Balos and Gramvousa!

Renting a RIB boat from Kissamos’ port unlocks a swift, half-hour ride, free from traffic jams and sweltering roads. Instead, embark on a journey filled with enriching interactions due to the local skippers. Depart from Kissamos and set sail not only towards Balos but also towards the captivating Gramvousa, with its historic fortress and the mystical allure of a deserted island.

Furthermore, in the vicinity of Balos lie at least three secluded sandy beaches, accessible only by boat, along with shipwrecks perfect for snorkeling in crystal-clear waters. Why settle for a standard visit when you can experience Balos and its hidden treasures on a private boat?


Gramvousa's Shipwreck on a skippered boat rental from kissamos

If the weather’s favorable, you could kindly ask the skipper to extend your trip to include Falassarna or Elafonissi. This modest adjustment could significantly enrich your adventure. Initially, you’re treated to the stunning vistas of Balos and the historical allure of Gramvousa. Following this, with the proposed extension, you also have the chance to marvel at the beauty of Falassarna’s vast beaches or Elafonissi’s unique pink sands.

Typically, attempting to visit these places by car could take at least three days, particularly since Gramvousa isn’t accessible by car. Therefore, by choosing the boat, you’re exploring four of Crete’s jewels in one efficient, memorable voyage. It’s a clever way to see more, effectively maximizing your time at sea.


What to expect on a skippered Boat Rental from Kissamos to Balos

A typical private RIB charter from Kissamos to Balos looks like this:

Welcoming Waves at Kissamos Port

First off, jump aboard at Kissamos Port where smiles are as bright as the morning sun. Your skipper, ever so ready to embark, greets you with a warm welcome that sets the tone for the day.

Sailing Towards Gramvousa

Then, as we set sail, the journey to Gramvousa begins. The wind whispers tales of adventure, guiding our boat through the azure waters. It’s not just a trip; it’s the start of something magical.

Exploring the Mysteries of Gramvousa

Upon arriving at Gramvousa, immediately, you’re swept off your feet by its rugged beauty. Venture up to the medieval castle for a slice of history, or perhaps, take a leisurely stroll along the sandy beach, where the shipwreck’s mysterious aura beckons.

Balos Lagoon: A Dreamy Detour

Next up, Balos Lagoon awaits, a mere heartbeat away. Dive into its crystal-clear waters or capture the moment with selfies that’ll make everyone back home green with envy. Balos isn’t just beautiful; it’s a piece of paradise on Earth.

A Gastronomic Pause: Cretan Cuisine at Sea

Subsequently, as hunger pangs start whispering, it’s time for a delicious Cretan lunch onboard. Each bite is a testament to Crete’s rich culinary tradition, enjoyed against the backdrop of the sparkling sea.


Unveiling Hidden Beaches

After lunch, we’re off again, this time to uncover Crete’s hidden gems. These secluded beaches are our little secret, places where the sand whispers stories of old, and the sea caresses the shore gently.

Journey Back to Kissamos: A Celebration at Sea

Finally, as the day draws to a close, we set sail back to Kissamos. The atmosphere on board is electric with laughter, music, and perhaps a bit more cheer in the form of local spirits. It’s not just a return journey; it’s the perfect end to an unforgettable day.


How to secure a private boat rental with SEAze the Day from Kissamos

To book a private boat rental in Kissamos effortlessly, start by surfing our site. To simplify this process, we’ve outlined a few steps for you.

Firstly, you can explore our available boats for rent. Dive into all the options presented and don’t hesitate to use the filters on the left for a more tailored search. You can select the departure port, specify the size of your group, and pinpoint other preferences that catch your interest.

Subsequently, after browsing our fleet, you’re encouraged to venture over to our private boat tours section. Here, you can leisurely scroll through our tours. Additionally, for your convenience, the filters are there to help you narrow down your choices. For instance, you can select a destination like Balos, set the departure point to Kissamos, choose the duration, define your price range, among other options.

Following this, once you’ve reviewed our available tours and soaked up the details like the itinerary, FAQ, and other useful info, you’re at a crossroads. You can either reach out for a quote or move forward with direct booking through our online platform. By doing so, you’re just a 20% deposit away from securing your adventure, with various payment methods at your disposal, including card payments or PayPal.

Furthermore, another pathway to connect with us is by sending a message on WhatsApp at this number: +30 6947482447, or alternatively, you can email us at: And to streamline your planning even further, here’s a link with all the available Kissamos to Balos private boat tours!

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