Balos Lagoon at the comfort of your own private boat trip – updated 2024

Balos Lagoon at the comfort of your own private boat trip – updated 2024

Have you ever wanted to go to the most popular beach in the world? Balos is one of the most popular beaches is the world and yes you can find it in Crete. Balos is the ultimate paradise for nature lovers. Indeed, this place has everything you need to have, the soft and warm sand, the natural formation of a lagoon, the crystal clear water of the sea, the pink pebbles and the plants sprouting from the sand and rocks.

balos beach private boat tours

Balos Lagoon: Sun, sea, and sand in perfect harmony for an unforgettable escape.


How To Go To Balos?

Going to Balos by Car

Balos is located at the northwest of Crete. If you want to go there by car you need to rent a car and go till Kissamos. After you pass Kissamos Port turn right to Kaliviani and then follow the unmade road. The road is very bumpy and we recommend you to drive the car with a low speed. Please remember, visiting Balos comes with a minor entrance fee of 1€ per person for anyone over the age of 13. Additionally, a car entrance fee of 3€ is required, regardless of whether you park your car in the designated parking area or along the road.

You will need 30 minutes (if you start early in the morning) with the car until you park your car and start hiking down (1.2 km) the path to reach Balos beach(Although the distance is not long, due to summer high season traffic you may need more than 1.30 h to pass the unmade road).

Going to Balos by car is exhausting.  Plus, the big amount of tourists will make things harder and you will not have the chance to enjoy Balos as you have always wanted.


Balos by car

Route to Balos: A rough track with scenic views.


Going to Balos with the ferry

Another option for visiting Balos is to take a ferry from Kissamos Port. The boats depart between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM, offering a range of capacities from 300 to 1200 passengers across different companies. Particularly during the high season, it’s a common occurrence for these ferries to be fully booked, highlighting the importance of securing your spot in advance. The journey to Balos itself takes roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes, providing a scenic route to your destination. Additionally, while onboard, passengers have the option to purchase snacks, coffee, and umbrellas for an extra fee.

Tickets are priced at 30-40 euros for adults and 15-20 euros for children (3-12 years old). Visitors can enjoy 2.5 hours at Balos. The itinerary also includes a 2-hour stop at the island of Imeri Gramvousa before returning to Kissamos Port. The entire excursion lasts 8 hours, with the return boats scheduled to arrive back at Kissamos between 17:00 and 19:00.

Gramvousa private boat tours

Imeri Gramvousa is accessible exclusively by ferry or private boat, offering a unique and secluded destination for your adventure.


Private Boat trips to Balos

The best way to go to Balos is with a private boat. We provide private boat trips to Balos and Gramvousa from Chania, Kissamos and Kolimbari. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to relax on board, enjoying the calming sound of the water as you take in the beautiful view of Balos from the sea. Furthermore, you can walk in Balos lagoon to take pictures, swim, or rest at the beach. To enhance this experience, we can start our trip early, before everyone else arrives at the beach, ensuring that you will see Balos in the comfort of your own privacy.


On a private boat trip to Balos, you will also have the chance to visit other private beaches near Balos Lagoon and, importantly, avoid the crowds, especially during the high season. Furthermore, another advantage of going to Balos with a private speed boat is that you reach your destinations faster, while usually avoiding sea sickness. Additionally, choose your own time schedule depending on your mood and your needs, and enjoy a nice private meal/snacks & drinks on board.


private boat trips to Balos beach

The serene beauty of Balos Lagoon on a private boat trip.


Environmental Considerations & Updates – Balos Lagoon 2024

Balos Lagoon, a Natura protected area, is celebrated for its golden-pink sands and turquoise waters, which are home to a variety of marine and bird species. Despite its popularity, it’s vital to safeguard this delicate ecosystem. Therefore, visitors are strongly urged to be conscientious: collect all garbage, avoid plastic, and refrain from taking sand or oysters to ensure the lagoon remains pristine for future generations.

Key conservation measures in 2024 include reduced ferry services and a cap on visitor numbers. Plans for shuttle buses in Kaliviani are in place to limit car traffic. To further mitigate impact, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the evening, when it’s less crowded.

For a more peaceful experience, visit Balos during the quieter months of May, June, September, or October.


How Do I Book A Private Boat Trip To Balos Lagoon?

Book your private boat trip up to 12 hours in advance of the preferred day of departure by boat. You may book from several ports. So, if you are in Chania, you can catch a boat from either the Old Port of Chania or Kolymbari. Alternatively, if you are staying in Kissamos or nearby, including in a hotel or villa, you might prefer to depart from Kissamos Port, which is conveniently located close to the city of Kissamos (Kasteli). Either way, you will have the chance to explore the beach from 2 to 6 hours depending on your mood. Plus, you may even see other beaches apart from Balos lagoon on your boat trip with our skippers.


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