Rent A Boat in Chania – Ultimate Guide 2024

Rent A Boat in Chania – Ultimate Guide 2024
Updated: March 8, 2024

Renting a boat in Chania is one of the best things to do when you’re on vacation in Crete. This article will explore why this is a must-do experience, especially in Chania. We’ll dive into the different kinds of available boats, routes, secret spots, and what to keep in mind when planning this adventure.

Why to Rent a Boat in Chania

Boating in Chania is now trending. A few years ago, you could find just 2-3 companies offering boat rentals. But in the last 5-6 years, over 30 new companies have emerged. This boom shows that more people each year are looking for a boat rental experience in Chania.

Why has this become so popular? For starters, Chania has some of the best beaches in the world, like Balos, Elafonisi, and Falasarna. Plus, there are secret beaches too. Most of these places are hard to get to by land and are near ports that you can only reach by boat. Places like the Rodopou Peninsula and Akrotiri are perfect examples.

Another big reason is that people are searching for quieter, less crowded beaches. Chania, and Crete in general, has become a top summer destination worldwide. And what better way to see the island than on a private boat?

Also, if you want to visit more than one beach, it’s a lot of driving. Boating lets you see more in less time. That’s why renting a boat in Chania has taken off. It’s a great way to see the island’s stunning coasts and hidden spots.

In an era where social media consumes much of our time, and challenges like the pandemic, work stress, and technology overload are ever-present, people are seeking unique experiences more than ever. The need for authentic, memorable moments is becoming a trend in itself.

Amidst the hustle of daily life, from early mornings to late nights, there’s a growing desire to break away and find genuine, one-of-a-kind adventures. This is where renting a boat in Chania comes into play, offering an escape into the beauty of Crete’s shores and the promise of unforgettable experiences. Authenticity is indeed the new luxury!

Types of Boats Available for Rent in Chania

In summary, there are different kinds of boats for rent available in Chania. Let’s divide them bellow into 6 main categories:

1. License-Free Motorboats,

2. Dynamic Open Deck RIBs,

3. Adventurous Open Deck Mega RIBs,

4. Luxurious Cabin Motorboats & RIBs,

5. Exclusive Yachts,

6. Elegant Sailing Boats

Now, let’s proceed to dive into each category to see what to expect, including prices, capacities, and amenities. Ultimately, you’ll be equipped to choose the option that’s most suitable for your group!


License-Free Motorboats

For those eager to enjoy the sea alone and explore near Chania’s ports without going too far, small motorboats are the perfect pick. Ideal for small groups (up to 3-4 people) looking for a quiet time on the water, these boats offer a budget-friendly way to have fun.

First off, these boats come with a 30hp engine and an extra auxiliary one, making them easy to handle without needing a boating license. They are usually between 4.5m to 5.5m long, comfortable for up to five people. However, a group of 2-3 people is recommended for the best experience.

Also, with a 30-liter fuel tank, these boats are just right for short trips, able to travel up to 15 -20 nautical miles back and forth, in calm sea conditions like light winds (2-3 Beaufort) and small waves (0.3-0.4m). Before you start, you’ll get a full briefing. This important talk will include checking if you’re ready to navigate on your own, explaining the safety gear, how to use the GPS, anchor, and other key things you need to know for a safe trip.

Plus, if you’re not up for driving the boat yourself, you have the option to bring along a professional skipper. This way, you can still enjoy your time at sea with the guidance of an experienced person, making your outing both fun and safe.

Dynamic Open Deck RIBs

The next category focuses on a type of vessel highly favored among Greek locals, the RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). These boats come with numerous cruising benefits. In fact, they offer a smooth ride, even in challenging sea conditions, making them ideal for adventurous spirits. In terms of cost efficiency, they have lower fuel consumption than other boats of the same size. Additionally, they are known for their remarkable stability and spaciousness, especially the open deck versions.

Furthermore, RIBs are fast and agile, capable of reaching secluded beaches, small bays, and navigating shallow waters with ease. A typical RIB, measuring between 6-7 meters and powered by a 200hp engine, can cruise at average speeds of 25 knots. The recommended capacity for such a vessel is about 5-6 persons, making it an outstanding option for those seeking to enjoy Chania’s waters without breaking the bank.

However, renting one of these boats on your own requires a boating license. Yet, we strongly suggest opting for a skippered boat rental. The waters near Chania are dotted with shallow reefs, weather conditions can shift swiftly, and distances between destinations can be significant. So, why not enhance your cruising experience by being accompanied by a professional skipper? This choice not only ensures safety but also allows you to fully indulge in the beauty and thrill of the sea, guided by someone with expert knowledge of the local waters.

Adventurous Open Deck Mega RIBs

Open deck Mega RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are an excellent choice for sea adventures, especially in Chania. While measuring at least 10 meters in length, these boats accommodate groups of up to 10 people. Consequently, they are perfect for those seeking ample space for sunbathing while enjoying the comfort, smooth cruising, stability, and speed that RIBs are known for. Their design allows access to places larger boats can’t reach, such as small bays and shallow waters, making them ideal for exploring Chania’s picturesque beaches.

Additionaly, these boats are not only fun to cruise but also serve as versatile options for various activities, including party boats, long-distance routes, and summer excursions. They offer great value, particularly for groups of 6-10 people who can share the rental costs.

Furthermore, Mega RIBs can be a cost-effective choice for private transfers to other islands, thanks to their lower fuel consumption compared to cabin boats and yachts. This feature is enhanced by options of inboard or outboard engines, with models equipped with dual main engines providing additional safety at sea.

Please note that Mega RIBs are available for rent only with an experienced skipper on board, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

Cabin Lux Motorboats & RIBs

Cabin luxury motorboats and RIBs are up for rent in Chania. These vessels span 10 to 12 meters in length and boast double engines, each with at least 300hp, whether they’re inboard or outboard. They’re tailor-made for small parties, offering a cozy space for up to 7 individuals.

Aboard these boats, a range of extra amenities awaits. You’ll discover a toilet, a cabin with 2-4 beds—varying by design—a shower, fridges, and occasionally, compact kitchens. Ideal for day-long voyages and island-hopping in style, these boats promise an unforgettable experience.

A standout feature, particularly for island transfers, is the generous luggage capacity. Inside the cabin, there’s ample room for your belongings. It’s a noted fact: travelers tend to pack extensively for their Greek adventures, often booking these boats for multi-day explorations.

Couples dreaming of a night under the stars find these boats enchanting, making them a top pick for romantic proposals and celebratory occasions. Should the weather turn, the added shelter offers a snug haven from wind and rain—making these options superb for families with young children. The cabin offers a private retreat whenever you wish to unwind away from the elements.

While these luxurious vessels command a higher rental fee compared to other categories, the value they provide is unparalleled. We’ll delve into pricing details in another section.

Elegant Sailing Boats

If you’re looking to rent a boat in Chania, it’s good to know about sailing boats. These boats can usually hold up to 9 guests plus 2 crew members. They move using the wind and a small engine. This makes sailing a special kind of sea trip.


Sailing boats go slower, about 6-8 nautical miles per hour. Therefore, this slow travel is nice for those who want to enjoy the sea and not rush to a place. You can go on short trips to see the sunset, additionally daylong trips with food, or even multiday trips to see more of the sea around Crete.

Moreover, these boats have what you need like kitchens, bathrooms, and berths for 4-6 people. This means they’re good for both quick trips and longer ones. However, sailing boats move differently. They sway side to side, which might make some people feel seasick, unlike motorboats that move more straight and can be easier for some.

Choosing a sailing boat is about liking the trip itself,  not just getting to where you want to go quickly. In summary, this info helps you understand what sailing in Chania is like, making it easier to decide if it’s right for you.

Exclusive Yachts

For those seeking luxury and class at sea, yachts in Chania offer an upscale experience. These vessels, over 14 meters long, embody luxury and elegance.

They’re mostly docked in Chania Old Port, though some can also be found in Kolymvari. They accommodate up to 10 guests, plus the captain and crew. Typically, these yachts feature 2-3 guest cabins, separate crew quarters, and amenities like kitchens and bathrooms.

Ideal for multi-day voyages, they usually host up to 6 people, depending on the number of berths. They’re also perfect for day trips or events like onboard parties. Additionally, these yachts come equipped with extras such as tenders, Wi-Fi, TV, stereo systems, and powerful twin engines. The deck is spacious, boasting comfortable seating, fine woodwork, and sunbathing areas.

Currently, the yachts available for rent in Chania range from 14 to 20 meters.

How to rent a boat in Chania

Renting a boat in Chania is pretty straightforward because there are lots of options, especially when you walk around the ports. However, before you decide, it’s good to think about a few things: Why you’re renting, where you want to go, when is the best time to rent, and which company to go with. The most important step in finding the right boat rental is to look up and read reviews.

Check Reviews Carefully

Doing a simple Google search can show you which companies have the best ratings on sites like Google and TripAdvisor. It’s important to look at both the number of reviews and what they say. For example, a company with 200 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 might be more trustworthy than one with 25 reviews and a perfect 5.0 score. If reviewers come from many different countries, their reviews are likely genuine. But if most reviews seem to come from locals, they might not be as reliable.

Research the boat rental companies

After you’ve found some companies that look good, check out their websites to see what boats they have, what they offer, and how they present themselves online, including on social media. This helps you get a full picture so you can contact your top choices and ask for a price quote.

If you have friends who have previously rented boats in Chania, getting personal recommendations from them can be invaluable. There’s nothing quite like hearing first-hand about someone’s experience to help you make your decision.

When to rent

When it comes to booking a boat, it’s best to do this 1-2 months in advance, especially during the busy season (June 15 – September 5), when the best companies get fully booked. If you’re visiting outside the busy season, you might be able to find a boat even a few days before your trip. Contacting the boat tour company directly is usually the most affordable way to book. But, you can also use websites like Click & Boat, Nautal, SamBoat, Viator, and GetYourGuide to find and compare different boats and tours, though it might cost a bit more.


Other options

Some people prefer to let their hotel’s concierge handle the booking. This is easy but they might just recommend their business partners. Another way to find a boat is to simply walk to the port and look at what’s available.

Booking & Payment

To book your boat, you’ll usually need to pay a deposit first, and then pay the rest on the day of your trip before you leave. Companies accept different payment methods, like bank transfers, POS systems, PayPal, Revolut, e-commerce, and cash.


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Chania?

Prices for boat rentals in Chania depend on many factors. Duration, travel distance, the experiences provided and amenities, boat type and value, and group size all play a role. In this section, we’ll explore average costs for different boat rental options.

Embarking on a journey across Chania’s azure waters is a dream many share. Below, we’ve outlined the cost considerations to help you turn this dream into reality, smoothly navigating through your options.

Starting with License-Free Boats

Firstly, if you’re dipping your toes into boating, no-license-required boats are an excellent choice.

  • For a brief outing, you’re looking at €150 to €200 for a half-day rental.
  • On the other hand, extending your time on the water to a full day will cost you between €230 and €280, which conveniently includes a 30 lt fuel tank.

Advancing to Bareboat RIBs & Motorboats (6-7m)

Moving on, for those craving more autonomy and adventure, bareboat rentals offer just that.

  • For a quick escape, half-day prices start at €350.
  • If you decide to prolong your adventure, a full day on the sea can reach up to €600, note that this excludes fuel.
  • Should you prefer a guided experience, adding a skipper to your journey is an additional €100 for half a day and €150 for a full day.

Choosing Skippered Boat Tours

Transitioning to a more relaxed approach, opting for a skippered boat allows you to enjoy the sea without the stress of navigation.

Delving into RIBs (6-7m) for Guided Tours

  • For starters, a half-day guided tour on a RIB costs between €400 and €550.
  • Extending the journey, a full day with a skipper ranges from €600 to €850, with the final cost depending on how far and long you wish to explore.

Exploring with Mega RIBs for Unforgettable Journeys

  • Beginning with shorter trips, a half-day aboard an Open Deck Mega RIB is priced at about €600.
  • Conversely, for those aiming for the horizon, a round trip to Elafonisi, covering roughly 110 nautical miles, can peak at €1800.


Experiencing Luxury with Cabin Motorboats & RIBs

  • Starting off, short excursions on these luxurious vessels begin at €850.
  • Looking further, a comprehensive tour around Crete escalates to €2500, and hopping to another island will take you up to €3500.

Embracing Serenity with Sailing Boats

Lastly, for a touch of tranquility and a dash of eco-friendliness, sailing boats are your go-to.

  • For a day’s sail, a journey from Kissamos to Balos lies in the range of €1000 to €1200, blending adventure with the soothing rhythm of the sea.

Indulging in the Pinnacle of Luxury: Yachts

To cap it off, for those seeking unparalleled luxury and comfort, yachts stand unrivaled.

  • For a brief taste of opulence, a short, 3-hour yacht excursion starts from €1000.
  • Embracing a full day of luxury, expect to invest up to €4500 for an expansive sea voyage.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, after delving into the vast array of boat rental options in Chania, we’ve covered the essentials on how to rent a boat, where and when to do so, and we’ve also provided insights into pricing. You now have a comprehensive and rounded understanding of what to expect with boat rentals in this stunning destination.

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