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Get ready to discover Elafonisi and Falassarna – The best beaches in Crete

August 4, 2019

You have always heard about Elafonisi and Falassarna on different articles over the internet being the best beaches in Crete. Elafonisi is really well-known for its pink sand and windy territory where you can easily go for a Kite-surf ride at the Kite Park that is located there. Though, Falassarna is really well-known for its clean waters. In fact, the cleanest around Crete. Many tourists every time they come, they visit these two beaches. Now you have two choices, either get your car at the heat of the day and drive to these places, OR we can take you on a private boat trip to both beaches. During your boat trip, you will be able to discover the most popular beaches and the most secluded ones. We assure you, you will have the time of your life in Crete.

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