Chania to Santorini: A Private Boat Tour & Sea-Transfer

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    Embark on an Extraordinary Island Hopping Experience from Beautiful Crete with SEAze The Day! Picture this: a private boat tour from the enchanting ports of Chania (Chania Old Harbour, Kolymvari, Marathi, or Souda) to the glamorous island of Santorini. Our spacious RIBs and cabin motorboats, ensuring both safety and luxury, offer you the chance to ride the open waters, taking in the breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters and the majestic Caldera volcano.

    This full-day private boat trip is not just a transfer; it’s an immersive journey. Imagine hiking from Fira to Oia, savoring fresh seafood at Ammoudi Bay, and being captivated by the panoramic Caldera views.

    Whether you’re yearning for an adrenaline-pumping ride or seeking a serene private transfer, our boat trip to Santorini caters to your desires. The trip is designed for those who wish to embrace the thrill of open waters or opt for an exclusive, private boat transfer without the ferry hassle. Plus, the choice is yours—return to the captivating shores of Crete or extend your stay in the alluring Santorini.

    And here’s the twist: we offer the flexibility to start your journey from either Crete to Santorini or vice versa. If you’re on Santorini and want to return to Crete, or if you’re in Crete and fancy a change of scenery to Santorini, SEAze The Day has you covered. So, why just dream of island hopping? Book your private adventure now, and let the azure waters between Crete and Santorini become your playground!”

    Choose Your Ideal Option:

    1. All Day Cruise to Santorini Island with Return to Chania.
    2. One-way sea transfer from Chania combined with an enriching island tour
    3. One-way Private Boat Transfer from Chania to Santorini
    4. One way Private Boat Transfer from Santorini to Chania


    Free snorkeling supplies (upon request), drinks, and snacks.

    Suggested starting time: 6.30 -7.30 a.m.


    • 1

      Chania: pick up time: 6.30

    • 2

      Nea Kameni: arrival time: 10.00, stop: 1h

    • 3

      Palaia Kameni: arrival time: 11.05, stop: 30′

    • 4

      Fira - Oia: arrival time: 11.45, Duration: 3.5h

    • 5

      Ammoudi Bay: arrival time : 15.45, stop: 1h

    • 1

      Chania: drop-off time: 20.15 – 20.30

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

    Chania 35.51928702043179, 24.02310915889569 1
    Nea Kameni 36.4003392455235, 25.399955453154316 2
    Palaia Kameni 36.3982964596796, 25.37856811211009 3
    Fira - Oia 36.462281449395746, 25.375259417722244 4
    Ammoudi Bay 36.460887377423084, 25.370798737786412 5



    • Duration: All day (10-12 h)
    • Travel distance: 185 nm
    • Start time: 6.30 – 7:15
    • Languages: Greek – English
    • Number of travelers: 1-6 (per boat)


    • Boat
    • Fuel
    • Skipper


    • The boat departs and returns to the exact location in Chania Old Port: SEAze The Day
    • The boat departs from Chania and you disembark on Santorini Island
    • You embark from one of the ports of Santorini and you disembark in Chania Old Port


    • Traditional Cretan Snacks and light lunch (pasta salad), fruits
    • Soft drinks, Water, beers
    • Use of Snorkeling equipment (upon request)


    • Traditional Cretan Meal or Barbeque on board (fish – meat)
    • Fishing Equipment and fishing guide
    • Drone, GoPro, Photographer
    • Special Requests (boat relocation, tour extension)
    • Transfer to and from the Port


    The price of the private boat tour to Santorini from one of the ports of Chania starts from 2750 euros (open deck RIB) and goes up to 3500 euros (luxury cabin RIB) per group (1-6 persons).
    The price depends mainly on boat size, the number of people in your private group, and the selected extras. You can request a quote via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

    If your group is larger than our maximum boat capacity, we can arrange a second boat to accommodate your group. The boats sail and tie together, so the group does not split. While docked, you can go from one vessel to the other. Ask us about the alternative options.

    If your departure point is Chania Old Port, you can park your car here :

    1. Chania Port Parking SEAze The Day
      (you will need change for the parking ticket machine )
      (1-minute walking distance from SEAze the Day departure point)
    2. Theatro Anatolikis Tafrou Parking SEAze The Day
      Free parking area
      (3-minute walking distance from SEAze, the Day departure point)

    If your departure point is Kolymvari, you can park your car in parking areas inside the Port here:
    SEAze The Day

    For other departure points, we will send information through email or WhatsApp.

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