Sfakos Beach

Sfakos Beach (open in google maps) is truly one of Chania’s hidden gems in Crete. Nestled within a small canyon on the Rodopou Peninsula, this tiny beach is well-shielded from the winds. You’ll be captivated by its marble stones, crystal-clear waters with refreshing cold springs, and the stunning Cretan scenery.

Access to this secluded spot is exclusive to private boats. The nearest launch point is Kolymvari Port, but you can also start your journey from the Old Port of Chania. Alternatively, why not rent a self-driving motorboat? Just 4.5 nautical miles from Kolymvari, it takes only 10-15 minutes to reach the beach, offering a perfect chance to admire the breathtaking landscape of Rodopou.


With its narrow span of just 12 meters wide and a depth ranging from 15 to 20 meters, Sfakos Beach offers a cozy retreat for one or two groups at a time. Space inside the small bay can fit just 1-2 boats, so it’s best to arrive early or explore other areas and circle back later. Optimal visiting hours are from morning until late noon or early afternoon. A local tip: the sun sets behind the mountains earlier here than in other parts of the peninsula. It’s a good idea to visit Sfakos first on your boat trip and then head to nearby beaches like Menies, where the sun lingers about 45 minutes longer.

secret Sfakos beach near Menies on a private cruise

But what’s behind the name Sfakos? The beach gets its name from the beautiful Sfakos plants that bloom seasonally, adding an exotic touch to the landscape. Don’t miss the chance to stroll through the small canyon and observe these unique plants. Sometimes, you might even spot goats wandering around.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the hidden and unexplored corners of Crete at Sfakos Beach!

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