Discover Kimolos & Polyaigos: Untouched Paradise Awaits

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    Are you in Crete and looking for an adventure in the open sea to discover secret gems of the Greek Islands on a private boat? Kimolos and Polyaigos are some of these islands you have to visit at least once in your life! Polyaigos is the largest uninhabited Island in Greece. It is a natura 2000 protected area, which claims to protect the seals monachus monachus and other species such as Eleonora’s falcon and the Audouin’s gull. Polyaigos is known for its crystal clear blue-cyan waters, sandy beaches, and rocky formations. It is an unspoiled diamond in the heart of the Aegean sea!

    On the other hand, Kimolos is an island with a traditional way of life. It has excellent beaches, small picturesque villages, and delicious local cuisine. If you want to visit some islands of the Cyclades that are still pure from civilization with your loved ones on a 2-day private boat trip from Chania, this is a must-do tour to experience!

    Free snorkeling supplies (upon request), drinks, and light lunch.

    Overnight stay on the mini-yacht or in a hotel

    Suggested starting time: 7.30 a.m.


    • 1

      Day 1. Chania: pick-up time: 7.30

    • 2

      Day 1. Galazia Nera: arrival time: 10.30, stop: 2.5h

      Polyaigos Island
      Galazia Nera Beach (Blue Bay)
    • 3

      Day 1. Polyaigos Lighthouse: arrival time: 13.20, stop: 2h

      Faros Beach (Polyaigos lighthouse)
    • 4

      Day 1. Fanara Cave: arrival time: 15.40, stop: 20′

      Fanara Cave
    • 5

      Day 1. Prassa: arrival time: 16.10, stop: 2h

      Kimolos Island
      Prassa Beach
    • 6

      Day 1. Goupa (Karras Beach): arrival time: 18.10, stop: 1h

      Goupa Karra
    • 7

      Day 1. Psathi: arrival time: 19.15, stop: STAY OVERNIGHT

    • 7

      Day 2 (Short option). Psathi: departure time: 9.00

    • 1

      Day 2 (End of short option). Chania: drop off time: 12.00

    • 7

      Day 2 (Long option). Psathi: departure time: 10.00

    • 8

      Day 2. Myrsini Beach: arrival time: 10.20, stop: 2h

    • 9

      Day 2. Gerakas: arrival time: 12.45, stop:2.5h (stop for swiming- lunch)

    • 1

      Day 2 (End of long option). Chania: drop off time: 18.15 – 19.00

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

    Chania 35.51928702043179, 24.02310915889569 1
    Galazia Nera 36.750051249639576, 24.631351302219016 2
    Polyaigos Lighthouse 36.77337583644417, 24.661015379764518 3
    Fanara Cave 36.78592837847118, 24.637364099469814 4
    Prassa 36.82457837879415, 24.600996156605255 5
    Goupa (Karras Beach) 36.790272244998164, 24.58491227259396 6
    Psathi 36.7857186075472, 24.580164036899223 7
    Myrsini Beach 36.76169396579966, 24.61734882785176 8
    Gerakas 36.78640266488404, 23.083490987257218 9



    • Duration: 2 Days
    • Travel distance: 175 nm
    • Start time: 7.30
    • Languages: Greek – English
    • Number of travelers: 1-2 (per boat) for an overnight stay
    • Number of travelers: 1-7 (per boat) for an overnight stay in a hotel


    • Boat
    • Fuel
    • Skipper


    The boat departs and returns to the exact location in Chania Old Port: SEAze The Day
    *The departure-return location may change depending on weather conditions, your specific needs, and the port authorities


    • Traditional Cretan Snacks and light lunch (pasta salad), fruits
    • Soft drinks, Water, beers
    • Use of Snorkeling equipment (upon request)


    • Traditional Cretan Meal or Barbeque on board (fish – meat)
    • Fishing Equipment and fishing guide
    • Drone, GoPro, Photographer
    • Special Requests (boat relocation, tour extension)
    • Transfer to and from the Port
    • One-way private transfer to/from Milos from/to Chania


    The price of the multi-day private boat tour to kimolos Island and Poliegos from one of the ports of Chania starts from 4250 euros (option-1, short) and goes up to 4850 euros (option 2 -extended) per group (1-2 persons)*.
    The price depends mainly on boat size, the duration, and the selected extras. You can request a quote via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

    *For groups of up to 7 persons, we can arrange hotel accommodation.

    The Typical schedule* of our boat trip:
    DAY 1

    • Chania Old Port pick-up time: 7.30 a.m.
    • Chania – Polyaigos Island cruising time: 3 hours
    • Galazia Nera arrival time: 10.30 stop: 2.5 h
    • Galazia Nera – Polyaigos Lighthouse cruising time:20″ of a slow ride
    • Polyegos Lighthouse arrival time:13.20, stop: 2 hours
    • Polyaigos Lighthouse – Cave Fanara cruising time 20′ of a slow ride
    • Cave Fanara arrival time: 15.40 stop: 20′
    • Cave Fanara – Prassa cruising time: 10′
    • Prassa arrival time: 16.10, stop: 2h
    • Prassa – Goupa (Karras beach) cruising time: 10′
    • Goupa (Karras beach) arrival time: 18.10, stop 1 hour
    • Goupa – Psathi cruising time: 5′
    • Psathi arrival time: 19.15, stop: STAY OVERNIGHT **

    DAY 2

    • Psathi departure time: 9.00

    OPTION 1 (Short)

    • Psathi -Chania Old Port cruising time: 3 hours
    • Chania Old Port drop off time: 12.00

    OPTION 2 (Long)

    • Psathi departure time: 10.00
    • Psathi -Mirsini beach (Polyaigos) cruising time: 15″
    • Myrsini beach arrival time: 10.20, stop: 2 hours
    • Myrsini beach -Gerakas (Miloa Island) cruising time: 25″
    • Ge arrival time:13.20, stop:2 hours (stop for lunch)
    • Psathi -Chania Old Port cruising time: 3 hours
    • Chania Old Port drop off time:18.20 -19.00

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    ** During your stay in Kimolos, walk from Psathi to Chorio, the capital of Kimolos Island. There, you can spend your night exploring the small traditional village. Walk the narrow streets, take pictures of the white houses, shop for local gifts and products, taste the local cuisine, and visit the Castle to enjoy the stunning views.

    POLYAIGOS (The largest uninhabited Island of Greece):

    1. Visit Galazia Nera on Polyaigos Island
      -Galazia Nera is a beach on the eastern coast of Polyaigos. The beach’s name is after the unique light blue waters. High cliffs with no shade surround the sandy beach. It is a perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing and for those who enjoy unspoiled nature.
    2. Visit Polyaigos lighthouse
      -Above Faros (or Ammoura) beach, which means lighthouse in Greek, at an altitude of 138 meters, you will find Polyaigos lighthouse. You can reach it after a 20-30 minute hike from the beach. The view from above is spectacular! Be careful where you leave your things because some local goats may try to steal your food!
    3. Explore cave Fanara
      -Fanara cave is one of the most impressive caves! It is accessible only by boat and has fantastic blue waters because the roof has collapsed and the sunlight enters the cave. So swim, snorkel, or admire the stunning view.



    1. Visit Goupa Kara
      Goupa is one of the most picturesque traditional fishing villages in the Cyclades Islands. There you will find syrmata. Syrmata is some colorful boat garages built of stone, where the local fishermen store their boats in the winter. Close to Goupa is Karas, a bay with rocky formations and stunning blue-green waters ideal for swimming and diving from the cliffs.
    2. Explore Chorio, the capital of Kimolos
      Chorio is a small traditional village (The capital of the Island) with white houses, colorful windows and doors, narrow streets, and a stunning view. Walk through the narrow alleys, buy traditional products from the small shops, taste the local cuisine, and have some drinks at night! Remember to explore the Castle. The Castle offers a beautiful view of the surrounding areas.
    3. Hike from Chorio to the Castle
      When you visit Chorio, remember to hike to the Castle. The Castle on the top of the hill will reward you with the most beautiful sunset view!
      * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!
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