Coasting from Chania to Monemvasia: A 2-Day Romantic Retreat

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    On this special 2-day private boat tour from Chania, you can explore Monemvasia, located on the south Coast of Peloponnese, 83 nautical miles from Crete! Monemvasia is well known as the Gibraltar of the East or the Rock because it is built on a “rock.” In addition, it is well known as one of the most romantic places in Greece! Explore the Old Town, swim into the crystal clear waters at the cove of Portelo, taste local dishes in traditional taverns inside the Medieval Castle, and hike to the fortress of Goulas in the Upper Town to enjoy the breathtaking view at sunset. During the night, hit up some bars, have some drinks, and stay overnight on our vessel, which will be waiting and docked at the Port. On the second day, you can either go back directly to Chania in the morning or eat breakfast, visit Vathy Avlaki beach for swimming, and end up in a local restaurant in Gerakas fishing village to enjoy fresh seafood. After that, we will safely return to Chania in the evening. So, if you are a romantic soul, take advantage of this unique private boat tour to Monemvasia, one of Greece’s most important and impressive Medieval Castles.

    Free snorkeling supplies (upon request), drinks, and light lunch.

    Overnight stay on the mini-yacht or in a hotel

    Suggested starting time: 7.30 a.m


    • 1

      Day 1. Chania: pick-up time: 8.30

    • 2

      Day 1. Monemvasia: arrival time: 10.30 stop: all-day – STAY OVERNIGHT

    • 2

      Day 2 (Short option). Monemvasia: departure time: 9.00

    • 1

      Day 2 (End of short option). Chania: drop off time: 12.00

    • 2

      Day 2 (Long option). Monemvasia: departure time: 10.30

    • 3

      Day 2. Vathy Avlaki Βeach: arrival time: 11.15, stop:2h

      Vathy Avlaki Beach
    • 4

      Day 2. Gerakas: arrival time: 13.35, stop: 1.5h

      3 - 3.5h
    • 1

      Day 2 (End of long option). Chania: drop off time:18.00 – 19.00

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

    Chania 35.51928702043179, 24.02310915889569 1
    Monemvasia 36.6878844937125, 23.05609636451832 2
    Vathy Avlaki Βeach 36.85847455018013, 23.038705976992464 3
    Gerakas 36.78640266488404, 23.083490987257218 4



    • Duration: 2 Days
    • Travel distance: 185 nm (Option 1, Short), 215nm (Option 2, Long)
    • Start time: 7.30
    • Languages: Greek – English
    • Number of travelers: 1-2 (per boat) for an overnight stay, 1-7 for an overnight stay in a hotel


    • Boat
    • Fuel
    • Skipper


    The boat departs and returns to the exact location in Chania Old Port: SEAze The Day
    *The departure-return location may change depending on weather conditions, your specific needs, and the port authorities.


    • Traditional Cretan Snacks and light lunch (pasta salad), fruits
    • Soft drinks, water, beers
    • Use of Snorkeling equipment (upon request)


    • Traditional Cretan Meal or Barbeque on board (fish – meat)
    • Fishing Equipment and fishing guide
    • Drone, GoPro, Photographer
    • Special Requests (boat relocation, tour extension)
    • Transfer to and from the Port
    • One-way private transfer to/from Milos from/to Chania
    • hotel accommodation


    The price of the multi-day private boat tour to Monemvasia from one of the ports of Chania starts from 4350 euros (option-1, short) and goes up to 5000 euros (option 2 -extended) per group (1-2 persons).
    The price depends mainly on boat size, the duration, and the selected extras. You can request a quote via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

    *For groups of up to 7 persons, we can arrange hotel accommodation.

    This multi-day private boat trip is ideal for couples or best friends of 2. In case your group is larger than 2 (up to 7 travellers), we can always arrange your overnight accommodation in a hotel.

    The choice between these two options depends on your comfort, budget, and the type of experience you want during your trip.

    1. Explore the Old Town
      Walk around the narrow cobblestone paths to see the rocky houses and the old churches of this ancient fortress and feel the energy of the place. Taste local cuisine with Malvasia (local wine) and drink your coffee in the small traditional cafe.
    2. Visit the castle
      Follow the path from the Old Town that leads to Ano Poli and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding areas. Remember to take water with you because you will find no shade or shop to buy.
    3. Visit the church of Agia Sofia
      At the upper part of Ano Poli, you will find the church of Agia Sofia, a Byzantine Church built in the 12th century.
    4. Try local cuisine
      Monemvasia is famous for its local cuisine. Taste different varieties of wines and olive oils. In the Old Town, you will find some excellent traditional tavernas to enjoy your meal
    5. Swim at the Cove of Portelo
      Portelo Cove is only accessible in the town swimming spot in Monemvasia’s Castle. Portelo is a gate that leads to the seafront. Swim into the crystal clear waters after walking around the Old town. High cliffs and the Wall of the Fortress surround the cove. It is a perfect spot for snorkeling and exploring the area’s sea caves.
    6. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere
      After exploring Monemvasia, find your perfect spot and relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this ancient town. Feel the energy of the “Rock,” one of the most romantic places in Greece.
    7. Visit the Lighthouse
      At the edge of the east part of Monemvasia, you will find the Lighthouse. It is 18 meters tall, made of stones, and provides a stunning view of the Myrtoan sea—a great place to admire the wild beauty of the surrounding landscapes.
    8. Have a round tour of Monemvasia by boat to admire the fantastic natural wild landscape.
      Our experienced skipper will guide you through a tour of Monemvasia with our safe vessel to take photos, admire the view, or swim into the deep blue clear waters.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

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