Discover Kythera: A Private boat Trip & Transfer from Chania

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    Embark on an Unforgettable Voyage from Chania, Crete to the Enchanting Kythera Island with SEAze The Day! Get ready for a day of exploration as you board our private boat in the early hours, setting sail from the charming Chania Old Port. Our journey promises excitement and breathtaking scenery as we cruise towards Kythera, the hidden gem of the Ionian Sea.

    Traverse the waves in comfort and style, enjoying the picturesque ride to the captivating Antikythera. Immerse yourself in the charm of Potamos, discover local wonders, and soak up the island’s unique atmosphere.

    Next, cruise to Kythera and embark on an exhilarating beach-hopping experience. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Kyriakoulou, Halkos, Steno Avlaki, and Kaladi—each beach a pristine paradise waiting to be explored. Continue the journey to Avlemonas, a picturesque village where time seems to stand still. Wander through charming streets and absorb the local culture during a leisurely break. Prepare to be amazed as we set sail for the iconic shipwreck Nordland, a fascinating piece of maritime history. Explore this captivating site and be left in awe of its grandeur.

    Bid farewell to Kythera as we cruise back to Chania. Relax on deck, soak in the last rays of the sun, and reflect on a day filled with adventure. Our journey concludes as we dock at Chania Old Harbour, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime. Join us at SEAze The Day, where every wave tells a story and every destination is an invitation to discover the extraordinary!

    Choose Your Ideal Tour Option:

    1. Daily Cruise to Kythera with Return to Chania.
    2. One-way sea transfer from Chania combined with an enriching island tour
    3. One-way Private Boat Transfer from Chania to Kythera
    4. One way Private Boat Transfer from Kythera to Chania

    Free snorkeling supplies (upon request), drinks, and snacks.

    Suggested starting time: 7.30-8.30 a.m.


    • 1

      Chania: pick up time: 7.00

    • 2

      Antikythera Island: arrival time: 9.00, stop: 1h

      Antikythera Island (Potamos Village)
      Pori Isle (small uninhabited Island between Kythera-Antikythera)
    • 3

      Kythira Island: arrival time: 10.50, stop: 3h

      Kythera Island Beach Hopping (Kyriakoulou - Halkos -Steno Avlaki - Kaladi)
    • 4

      Avlemonas: arrival time: 14.00 stop: 1.5h

      Avlemonas (beautiful fishing village)
    • 5

      Nordland shipwreck: Shipwreck Nordland stop: 10′

      Nordland Shipwreck
      2.5 - 3h
    • 1

      Chania: drop-off time: 18.30 – 19.00

    *The schedule may change depending on weather conditions and your specific needs.

    * As we customize your trip to your needs, you can choose how to spend your time on this beautiful Island or build your itinerary with us!

    Chania 35.51928702043179, 24.02310915889569 1
    Antikythera Island 35.86324886976392, 23.30461158936888 2
    Kythira Island 36.26835059041972, 22.97519573092981 3
    Avlemonas 36.22666625519624, 23.081638052062026 4
    Nordland shipwreck 36.26517760535731, 23.092833538621857 5



    • Duration: All day (9-10 h)
    • Travel distance: 140 nm
    • Start time: 7:00
    • Languages: Greek – English
    • Number of travelers: 1-6 (per boat)


    • Boat
    • Fuel
    • Skipper


    The boat departs and returns to the exact location in Chania Old Port: SEAze The Day


    • Traditional Cretan Snacks and light lunch (pasta salad), fruits
    • Soft drinks, Water, beers
    • Use of Snorkeling equipment (upon request)


    • Traditional Cretan Meal or Barbeque on board (fish – meat)
    • Fishing Equipment and fishing guide
    • Drone, GoPro, Photographer
    • Special Requests (boat relocation, tour extension)
    • Transfer to and from the Port


    The price of the private boat tour to Antikythera island from one of the ports of Chania starts from 2400 euros and goes up to 3200 euros per group (1-6 persons)
    The price depends on boat size, the number of people in your private group, and the selected extras.
    You can check our prices by clicking on the “book now” button or just request a quote via email, WhatsApp, or phone.

    Suppose your group is larger than our maximum boat capacity. In that case, we can arrange a second boat to accommodate your group. The boats sail together and tie together, so the group does not split. While we are docked, you can go from one vessel to another. Ask us about the alternative options.

    If your departure point is Chania Old Port, you can park your car here :

    Chania Port Parking SEAze The Day
    (you will need change for the parking ticket machine )
    (1-minute walking distance from SEAze the Day departure point)
    Theatro Anatolikis Tafrou Parking SEAze The Day
    Free parking area
    (3-minute walking distance from SEAze the Day departure point)

    If your departure point is Kolymvari, you can park your car in parking areas inside the Port here:
    SEAze The Day

    If your departure point is Kissamos Port, you can park your car in the following area near our boats:
    SEAze The Day

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