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From Private Transfers by Boat to Renting a Boat with or Without a Skipper in Crete.

June 15, 2020

The sea for us Greeks has always been a challenge, or others would say an adventure, places to discover, and experience. This has always been rooted in our history and mindset from ancient times. This is mainly the way we used to do commerce with other countries and how fishermen earn their living up to this day. This idea has always been part of our identity, thus the sea definitely owns part of our heart.

Crete by Private Transfers by Boat

Therefore, when you come to Crete for your vacations, don’t just stare and admire at the sea from the beach, any beach, either it’s at a beach bar in Aghia Marina or a secluded one, like the beach of Menies. Rather, you should indulge in your instincts and start exploring, all around the coast of Crete. There are thousands of private beaches and secluded tiny islands like the one close to Gramvousa (Wild Gramvousa) where you can snorkel and explore the bottom of the sea and sea a lot of new different kinds of fish.

Our most popular boat trip is the following either you start from Chania or Kissamos.

Chania – Thodorou – Menies – Balos – Gramvousa 7h

Chania old port at restaurant Antigoni is the starting point of this 7h boat trip. We sail off to the beach of Menies with turquoise waters and ancient ruins and anchor for 1-2h. After that, we visit the island of Gramvousa with a castle on the top and a sank ship in front of it. We can anchor there for around 1h. Finally, we go to Balos beach for another 2h to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the Cretan “table”-mountain. If there is enough time, we will be able to see some private beaches on the way back to Chania. Proposed starting time: 8.00 a.m.

If you would like to start your boat trip from Kissamos the most popular boat trip is also headed to Balos and Falassarna. Though, if you want we can also arrange to go to Elafonissi with the pink sand beach.

Kissamos – Balos – Gramvousa – Falassarna

Our starting point is the small port of Kastelli in Kissamos for your 6h full-day boat trip. Our first stop is the famous beach of Gramvousa with the medieval fortress at the top of the hill and you lay in the sun or swim for 1h. We then, go towards the popular beach of Balos where you can take your pictures and swim in the crystal clear waters for another 1h. We then start going towards Falassarna, the cleanest waters of Crete. After that, we will be sailing back to Kissamos safely with our friendly skippers. Proposed starting time: 8.00 a.m.

Gramvousa by boat
Gramvousa By Boat

When you are in Chania or Kissamos you surely won’t need an extra push to book a private boat trip to see these places. They will provide you with the experience of a lifetime with the pristine beaches, unreachable by car, and the Cretan snacks on board. Plus, if you do have a license you will be able to rent a boat without a skipper and enjoy a day..or more days at sea with your family and friends.

Indulge in the temptation of exploration. Stop scrolling on your phone. Book your boat trip now!

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