Rent A Boat in Kissamos or Chania Without A Skipper

Rent A Boat in Kissamos or Chania Without A Skipper

Would you like to rent a boat without a skipper in Kissamos or Chania with  your friends and family? A vacation without a private boat rental in Crete is like food without salt.

A private boat trip from Chania or Kissamos to the secret beaches of the coast of Crete will definitely be the highlight of your holidays.

Either you have a skippers lisence or not, we do have the sollution for your private boat rental in Crete!

Rent a boat and visit the secret beaches of Crete

Secret Beach

We have a wide variety of RIB boats that will provide you and loved ones safety at sea. Indeed, RIBs (Rigit inflatable boats) are considered to be one of the safest means of marine transportation around the globe, this is why the army uses them a lot. Not only this, you will also stay away from any potential contamination from other groups of tourists that may have been affected by COVID-19.

Renting a boat by yourself is the BEST way to explore Crete’s beaches at the comfort of your own privacy. We will deliver the boat to you in a perfect shape and completely disinfected. Feel carefree during your vacations and SEAze the moment!


Famous Destinations by boat in Crete

A very popular destination is Balos Lagoon. Rent one of our boats from Kissamos and start your journey towards the most popular destination in the world.

rent a boat visit to Balos

Balos Beach

Kissamos – Balos – Gramvousa by Boat

Your boat trip may start from the port of Kastelli in Kissamos.  Before you rent a boat, we explain to you and  train you how to manoeuvre the boat. Your first stop could be the famous beach of Balos, where you can anchor and explore the lagoon. Then, you can go towards Gramvousa with the medieval fortress found on top of the hill and the shipwreck on the coast. A boat trip that you will never be able to forget.

Other guests that rent boats from us, usually ask us where they could sail to around the coast of Crete. If your starting point is Chania, a very popular destination is Menies and some other private beaches nearby.

Menies beach by boat

Menies Beach

Chania – Lazareta Island – Theodorou Island – Private Beaches – Menies

Starting from Chania Old Harbour, you can sail towards Lazareta, a small island with small beaches and a tiny church on top. This is to get the grips of the boat and feel comfortable with it. Then, you can visit the protected Thodorou island, an island where only goats and a guard live there (!). If the water is clear you might even be able to see a German plane wreck from WWII. After that, you can visit Menies Gulf. When you reach Menies, you can start your trip back to Chania and explore several secret beaches and caves on the coast of Rodopou Peninsula!

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