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    Meet the versatile Pegasus, an excellent choice for your extensive private day tours and multi-day fishing/spearfishing charters along the enchanting coast of Crete. With its twin 270hp strong inboard Diesel Hundai engines, both brand new as of 2024, Pegasus ensures a safe and reliable journey, whether you’re exploring hidden coves or embarking on a fishing expedition.

    Pegasus, a 10.6m Picton Cobra Royal RIB, boasts a reputation as one of the best-ever-made RIBs, tried and tested under extreme weather conditions.. This vessel offers a spacious deck with seating for up to 10 passengers, making it ideal for a full day of exploration or a fishing adventure with friends. The teak floor provides both durability and comfort, creating a pleasant atmosphere as you cruise the pristine waters.

    Notably, Pegasus played a starring role in Gordon Ramsay’s culinary expedition on the show ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Go Greek.’ Witness the same vessel that Gordon Ramsay used as he spearfished lobsters alongside Panos, one of the owners of SeazetheDay Boat Rental Company, in the breathtaking Balos. This connection with renowned personalities adds a unique touch to your maritime experience.

    Rent Pegasus exclusively with one of our experienced skippers for a personalized journey to discover Crete’s coastal gems, including Balos, Gramvousa, Elafonisi, Menies, Seitan Port, and other nearby islands such as Antikythera, Milos, Santorini, etc. Additionally, use Pegasus for private sea transfers to explore distant paradises at your own pace.

    Pegasus is more than a boat; it’s a vessel with stories to tell and adventures to share. With its high-end stereo system, it transforms into the best party boat, perfect for your special occasions in Chania and for those seeking an amazing sea experience. Discover the beauty of the sea and the thrill of exploration aboard this remarkable RIB, conveniently docked in Chania Old Harbour. Your next maritime adventure begins with Pegasus!


    • Length 10.60 meters
    • Max Capacity 9 persons
    • Engine 2*270 hp inboard Hundai Diesel 2024
    • Skipper Obligatory

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