Fishing Trips – Things to do in Chania

Fishing Trips – Things to do in Chania

Chania has a lot of things to offer when you are on your vacations in Crete. One of the highlights to have a little bit of an adventure would be to go on a fishing trip with Minos and Panos. Minos is an expert at fishing with the tackle, as you can see from our fist image. He can sleep and fish ? the biggest fish you could ever imagine! He will teach you all the secrets; how to hold the tackle and when to start pulling. At the end of the day, you will have fish to eat with your family and friends at one of the restaurants in Chania.

spearfishing charters in Chania,Crete

Spearfishing dentex in Chania

Panos, on the other side, is an expert in spearfishing and he can teach you all about it. You can dive with him up to 30-40m to find Dentex, Groupers or even Snappers. If you are not a pro, he can teach you the basics of freediving.

In fact, Panos is a freediving istructor and a very experienced spearfisher. Indeed, he has the 2nd degree of the freediving instructor licensed from Apnea Academy. He also has the 3rd freediving degree from CMAS and the 1st level of instructor licensed by the Greek Freediving Federation. Though, most importantly, he has been trained by Roberto Calich. Roberto has been a champion in spearfishing and a freediving instructor trainer. Plus, he has been the first one that brought spearfishing and freediving to Greece in the shape we know them today. Panos and Roberto are still really good friends up to these days.

Spearfishing trips in Balos, Crete

A white grouper caught with speargishing in Chania Region

If you are a fishing lover, then this experience is the best you could ever have during your vacations in Chania.