How to get to Elafonisi

How to get to Elafonisi

About Elafonisi

The island is connected to dry land with a string of sand that creates a lagoon. The pink sand will mostly attract you to go there along with the crystal clear waters. Also, the wildflowers that bloom in September, are a great experience to watch and photograph.

Visit the most tropical beach with pink sand at the Southwest of Crete. Visit Elafonisi of Crete!

Ways of transportation

In order to get to Elafonisi by car you will need to stay in the car for one and a half hours and then find a parking spot among many other cars that have gone there. There is a better solution to go there, though.

A boat trip with us will surely make your day and it’s safe and fast. Some of the advantages of going to Elafonisi with a private boat are the following:

-You will avoid the hustle of traffic jams, parking spots and spots at the beach that generally they are all covered with tourists.

-On board of our boat, you can relax, enjoy the view from afar, or even go there for a walk and sunbathe as much as you want.

-When you come back, you will have the chance to taste our homemade Cretan snacks and get some shade from all the sun. A boat trip to Elafonissi is definitely an experience not to be missed.

-Plus, you will get to see Balos, Gramvousa and other secret beaches on the way there. Don’t miss this chance!

Book a private boat trip  with your family and friends from Chania, Kissamos or Kolymbari provided by SEAze the Day!