Must See Places in Crete | Balos, Elafonissi, Chrissi Island, Koufonissi

Must See Places in Crete | Balos, Elafonissi, Chrissi Island, Koufonissi

Lockdown season just ended in several countries like the United States and Russia. For this reason we have gathered a few places in Crete that you will definitely fall in love with. Crete has exotic beaches all around its coast. Though, since we really need to be extra careful with COVID-19, we would suggest avoiding any crowded ship, and instead booking a private boat transfer to any destination you want. Not only you will see more beaches and have more fun, but you will also stay safe on board of our boats.

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Balos Lagoon

Top destinations in Crete, Balos Lagoon
Balos Lagoon in Western Crete

Here are a few words from the popular blog Wherethesoulswander

Balos Beach is a stunningly picturesque stretch of beach (arguably the best in Crete), situated in the very northwest of Crete, poised between Kissamos and Gramvousa. Although Balos Beach is pretty remote, 191km of Heraklion, 116km of Rethymno, and 56km of Chania, it is clearly one of the favourite Crete beaches for travellers from all over the world.

Following your journey, it is finally time to set foot on the incredibly appealing sands of Balos Beach, and trust me, arriving at the beach with no other being around is truly a mesmerizing experience. Think exotic white sand, shallow turquoise waters, and a stunningly beautiful scenery, with views of Tigani and Gramvousa in the distance. Be prepared to be left in awe by the impressive colour palette of the water, and the pure beauty of the unique landscapes that surround you. (cit.


boat trip to Elafonissi in Crete
Elafonissi in Western Crete

The beach of Elafonissi is a remarkable sandy beach located on the Southwest coast of the Chania prefecture, about 74 km from the city, and 211 km from Heraklion (3 to 4 hours). If you are staying in Heraklion and want to visit Elafonisi in a day, think it over! (cit.

You can come to Kissamos or Chania and book your private boat trip there, instead of going into the hustle of the crowded parking space besides the beach.

Families with kids usually target the area in search of shallow and warm waters, but it’s also popular among young couples looking for a romantic landscape. Elafonissi is a favorite of backpackers many of which camp in the nearby Kedrodasos. (cit.

Chrissi Island

Chirissi Island on a boat trip from Ierapetra
Chrissi Island in Eastern Crete

Have you ever heard of the island of Chrissi island (Greek for gold)?

Well, the white sand and its amazingly crystal clear waters will definitely draw your attention. In case you are already in Ierapetra, you can book a private transfer to this tiny island of Chrissi and explore the pristine beaches of the coast. Meet the locals and enjoy yourself at the beach.

Koufonisi Island

Boat Cruise to Koufonisi

Koufonisi Island in South- Eastern Crete

Another very secluded island close to Ierapetra is Koufonisi Lasithiou. According to

The island is uninhabited now, but is full of ruins that indicate human activity from the Early Minoan times to post-Byzantine years. The locals like to call Koufonisi as Delos of Crete, after  the significant antiquities that have been found.

The island has beautiful sandy beaches, it is mainly covered with fine sand and the scenery is not very different from an African desert. Visitors can admire the beauty of white rocks next to the blue of the Libyan Sea and enjoy the tranquility of nature in turquoise waters. The landscapes alternate from the steep rocky shoreline, to the caves of yellow marl and the endless dunes.

An experience not only to read about, but also travel to by boat. You can only see these places with a local. Thus, SEAze The Day, provides the best means of transportation at sea for your safety and pleasure. Enjoy your holidays and don’t stress about COVID-19. We provide sanitized boats, where you and your family or friends will only board on. Book your boat trip to one of these places and create your favourite Cretan memories on board of our boats to never forget.