Never Ending Summer in Chania

Never Ending Summer in Chania

Chania, the second largest town on Crete, is known as one of the most beautiful areas on this island. This is the type of place you say you’ll spend a few days in and then (whoops) you’ve stayed a week. That’s because Chania (also spelled Haniá) lends itself well to slowing down and unplugging. It’s not a big place, but it is a picturesque one, and a destination where one of your activities for the day could simply be slowly sipping wine at a tiny open air café [and] rubbing shoulders with locals as you watch the world go by. (

Despite the lockdown at the moment in Greece, we will come back with many more destinations and new experiences next year! Until then, you can scroll and read about the impression we gave to several of our clients, below.


One of the good thing about this year (2020), and almost every year, is that the good sunny days last until November. This season is the perfect season to travel to Chania in Crete to get the most out of your vacations. It’s also a way to avoid the crowds especially due to COVID-19, but get better in touch with the locals and talking with them without the stress of the high season. Exactly because it’s a never ending summer in Chania, you can also swim in the sea, because the water is still warm.

There are numerous beaches around the gulf of Chania and further away, that by car could take more than 3-4 days to explore. Yet, the best solution to a beach tour is booking a boat trip from Chania. In 4 to 8 hours you will be able to see so many new places, hang out with our local skippers, savour Cretan food, swim and snorkel all you want.

It’s usual that we hear from our guests that booking a private boat cruise from Chania has been the highlight of their vacations. You may read some of the reviews that we have on Google My Business by clicking HERE.


We would like to show you how a day at sea with us looks like from the point of view of our guests:

We, a family of 4, booked a boat from SEAze The Day (Panagiotis Bardis Captain and Owner) on the 11th August 2020 out of Chania and went out to the North West of Crete. We had a very good day seeing the coastline and stopping at quiet coves and beaches to swim and snorkel. The Captain told us about the areas visited and at one point skilfully put the bow of the boat into a sea cave although the sea was a little choppy. The boat was both powerful and probably more importantly dry although the sea was not calm out of sheltered areas. We were well looked after with refreshments throughout the day. I would happily use this Company again.

 – Martin Knowles UK

Highly recommended… Two families (mine and another… 8 passengers total) headed out from Kissamos to Balos and the surrounding waters. It was a 5-hour charter and all was great. The captain was professional, very experienced, informative, helpful and nice. The boat was a ~30′ RIB, which they had just bought a few days prior (second hand). It ran well and was comfortable. They even brought tasty baked snacks to add to the beautiful snorkeling and adventuring. We even stayed extra time to get some more fishing in for one of the young ones. Good trip and a perfect way to see beautiful and secluded Crete!

– Thaddeus Foote

It goes without saying that after every boat trip, every adventure that we have with our guests, we keep in touch on our social media or by phone. This is because they all feel at home and most of all they realise what Greek hospitality really means when being on a boat cruise.

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