South of Crete by boat

South of Crete by boat

Are you looking for things to do in Crete? Have you always wanted to explore the pristine beaches of the South of Crete?

Well, now it’s time to book your own private boat trip to discover the secret beaches of the South of Crete. Explore Marmara, Loutro, Ilingas, Fragokastello, Glyka Nera. These beaches are well-known for their crystal clear BLUE waters and their privacy. Start your journey from Paleochora with Minos and Panagiotis and they will take you to the best spots for snorkelling and swimming.

One of our well-hidden gem in Crete


Don’t wait for the public ferries to take you to these amazing places. We are experienced and know exactly what you want to see in Crete.

It’s time! Book your trip now with SEAze The Day.