Gavdos: The Southernmost Point of Europe is located in Crete

Gavdos: The Southernmost Point of Europe is located in Crete

Explore Gavdos, just south of Crete, Europe’s southernmost point before Africa. This nearly untouched sanctuary is reachable by sea, promising a unique retreat. Relish the solitude of its pristine beaches and take the opportunity to relax on the iconic gigantic chair, a symbol of Gavdos’ serene beauty. Your journey begins from the southern part of the Chania region, offering a gateway to this secluded paradise, whether through a private voyage or by ferry. Discover hidden treasures and create memories destined to last a lifetime.

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How to go to Gavdos

To reach Gavdos, Europe’s southernmost point, nestled off Crete, you have two primary travel choices. Positioned about 20 nautical miles from Sfakia and 28 from Palaiochora, Gavdos is a uniquely serene destination.


Traveling to Gavdos by Ferry:

Your adventure to Gavdos starts by getting to either Sfakia or Palaiochora in the southern Chania Region. Palaiochora sits on Crete’s southwest, about 1.5 hours from Chania City. To get there:

  • By Taxi: A direct, comfortable option. Taxi fares for 2024 range between 120 and 160 euros.
  • By Bus: A budget-friendly choice. It’s best to contact the bus service for the latest schedule and rates.

The ferry ride to Gavdos varies: From Sfakia, it’s a 2-hour journey, direct and swift. From Palaiochora, it’s almost 4 hours, as the ferry visits other southern Crete locations first. This longer route offers scenic views of the coast, making the journey part of the destination.

Remember, ferry schedules can change, especially with weather or seasonal adjustments. Always check in advance for the latest info on times and prices.

This trip to Gavdos isn’t just travel; it’s an introduction to the island’s tranquility and untouched beauty, promising an unforgettable escape.

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Potamos beach_Gavdos by boat

Potamos beach

Explore Gavdos on a Private Boat Trip

Reaching the untouched paradise of Gavdos Island is most direct by booking a boat trip with our luxury RIBs, guided by a skilled skipper.

If you seek a unique adventure, consider a private boat tour to Gavdos Island. We offer varied options: choose a simple one-way transfer, an immersive all-day boat tour from Palaiochora, or a multi-day tour covering Crete’s other destinations. Whether you’re a sea-loving adventurer or a peace-seeker, we’re ready to cater to your needs.

Just contact us with your preferences. We’ll manage the rest, creating a custom itinerary for you. This includes boat arrangements, accommodations (for multi-day tours), and car transfers. Join us to explore Gavdos Island’s pristine beauty, each moment promising a new discovery.

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Ai Giannis beach Gavdos

Ai Giannis beach


Get to know more about Gavdos

Discover Gavdos, an island radiating with stunning beauty and a unique energy. Here, the rhythm of nature sets the pace, offering a serene escape.

Welcome at Karave: The Heart of Gavdos Your journey starts at Karave, the main port of Gavdos. This quaint port houses a couple of restaurants and a mini-market, providing a warm welcome to the island.


Exploring Gavdos’ Pristine Beaches

Sarakiniko Beach: Sandy Shores and Local Charm Sarakiniko invites you with its lovely sandy beach, bustling local bars, and a popular spot for free campers. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it a favorite among visitors.

Ai Giannis: A World-Class Beach Ai Giannis, often hailed as one of the world’s best beaches, captivates with its pristine sands and serene setting. This beach is a must-visit for its unparalleled natural beauty.

Potamos Beach: Wild and Unspoiled Explore the wild charm of Potamos. This beach is a unique blend of sand and rocks, offering a secluded spot for those seeking tranquility. The nearby river allows for rejuvenating clay baths, adding to its allure.

Diana Beach: Serenity by the Sea Diana Beach, to the southeast, is a hidden gem with crystal blue waters and a notable shipwreck. Named after Princess Diana, it’s a tranquil haven for relaxation and exploration.

Tripiti: Europe’s Southernmost Point At Tripiti, stand at the southernmost point of Europe. Known for its iconic chair, it offers breathtaking views and swimming opportunities in nearby caves and its inviting beach.


Discovering Gavdos’ mainland

Kastri Village: Heart of Local Life Back on the mainland, Kastri, a traditional village, awaits. Here, you can savor local cuisine in charming tavernas, immersing yourself in the authentic island lifestyle.

The Lighthouse: A View to Remember Finally, the lighthouse stands as a beacon, offering stunning vistas of the Libyan Sea. This spot is perfect for reflecting on the island’s natural splendor and the vastness of the sea.

Each of these locations – Karave, Sarakiniko, Ai Giannis, Potamos, Diana Beach, Tripiti, Kastri, and the lighthouse – together form the essence of Gavdos, a place where beauty and peace converge for an unforgettable experience.

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Enchanting Beaches of Gavdos – Google Maps



Gavdos, the southernmost point of Europe, stands out for its unspoiled charm and exotic allure. The island, with its sandy beaches, radiates a unique energy. You have two choices to get there: the ferry or a private boat.

For a personalized touch, choose SEAze the Day. We specialize in crafting exceptional journeys. Contact us to plan your trip. We’ll design a voyage that truly captures Gavdos’ enchanting spirit. In Gavdos, every moment is not just time spent; it’s a memory cherished.