Boat Trip to the Wildest Beach Spots in Crete & Cooking with The Locals

Boat Trip to the Wildest Beach Spots in Crete & Cooking with The Locals

Life in Crete is quite different from many other places in Greece and around the world. The rhythms are slower, happier and friendlier. What we most love in Crete is not forgetting our customs and our roots. We love being a little bit wild and going back to the primitive state, in a very nice sense. What we love doing, as local Cretans, is fishing, with the rod from our boat and then feasting for the amount of fish that we caught for us, to eat a nice meal all together. We also love barbequing on the beach with other friends of ours. The island of Crete provides the appropriate atmosphere to generate this feeling. Not only the island, but also our friendly skippers recreate a great experience for you and your family that you will remember for a lifetime.

Where to go in Crete

How do I get to experience Crete like a local Cretan?

All you have to do is book a boat trip with us, under the section of experiences and pick the Boat Trip and Cooking at the beach experience. You can start your experience from Chania Old Port, Ierapetra or Kissamos – Kastelli port. Pick the location that best suits you.

Cooking and Boat Trip Chania

Where will the boat trip from Chania, Kissamos or Ierapetra take me?

This boat trip is not an ordinary boat trip with the typical beach hopping service. This boat trip brings boat rentals to a whole new level. You will be able to become a local Cretan for a day. We will take you to the wildest parts of Crete. This, can either be a boat trip to Gramvousa, Chironissia or even Koufonissi, which are some really wild spots around the coast of Crete.

Boat Trips to Chrissi Island from Ierapetra

What does this private boat trip experience in Crete include?

Well, this is the best part! This experience includes going back to the wild. The wildest of beaches. It all start with a catch and cook of the fish. So, you will have to know some fishing 101. Though, even if you don’t, our experienced fishermen and spearfishers will be able to show you the ropes and get the grips of the fishing techniques. Otherwise, you can just enjoy a barbeque experience at the beach like a true local.

Boat Trip in Crete

What happens when we reach the secret beach?

What happens next is anchoring to a beach. Everyone will have one job and will need to help carrying things to the beach. This is definitely going to make you feel like you belong to Crete, because there are times that are captains will tell you things in Greek (by mistake or because they are so used to it). This though, will let you know a bit more Greek and learn things like “Pàme” (let’s go), “Éla” (Come), Kouvàla (carry). Simple things. Everyday words that will help set the scene that is about to come. Our favourite moment. The grilling of the fresh catch of the fish or local meat that you have requested in advance. We will set the fire and cook the fish or meat on the stone grill. While, we do that, someone else is going to help set the table.

Well, don’t get us wrong, not exactly table, better say pic nic at the beach with a high-class meal coming up. You will set the table cloth on the sand and prepare the cutlery. Then, when the food is ready, we will all sit at the picnic and feast by eating our freshly grilled fish and drink beer or wine. After enjoying a tasty bbq, we will have to clean up everything and leave the beach as pristine as it was when we arrived. We need to keep the environment clean and be eco-friendly for our animal friends that live there. We will gather everything up and return to the boat, continuing our trip to other wild beaches or going back home to the ports of Chania, Kissamos or Ierapetra finishing our boat trip experience.

Does this experience of “going back to the roots” sound adventurous to you?

Then book your trip with SEAze the Day and explore the wildest parts of Crete.