Affordable Boat Trips to Balos

Affordable Boat Trips to Balos

Seeking an unforgettable boat trip to Balos without breaking the bank? Look no further! Our cost-effective private boat tours from Kissamos Port offer the perfect blend of thrill and beauty. Here’s why these trips are a must-do for every traveler.

Quick, Yet Rich Experiences

Our tours utilize open-deck RIBs, ideal for both 3 and 4-hour excursions. Despite the brevity, these speedboats ensure ample time for exploration. You’ll enjoy 2-3 hours at the stunning Balos and Gramvousa. The swift journey from Kissamos (open location in google maps) means more time for discovery

Flexible and Fast

Flexibility is key. Choose a start time that fits your schedule. Our tours cater to early birds and sunset chasers alike. Want to be the first on the beach? Opt for a morning trip and return by 1 PM, with the whole day still ahead of you. Or, select an evening cruise to witness a breathtaking sunset at Balos.


Personalized and Comfortable

Every detail is tailored to your preference. From snacks and drinks to a local guide, your experience is our priority. RIBs offer smooth sailing and can navigate through less-than-ideal conditions with ease. This means you get a safe and comfortable ride, every time.

Exclusive and Intimate

Avoid the crowds and visit secluded beaches for a truly intimate experience. Our tours are perfect for small groups, especially 8-10 people, allowing you to share the costs and the fun.

Efficient and Meaningful

Maximize your time with a trip that’s both effective and enriching. Not only do you get to explore Balos and Gramvousa, but you also get to enjoy a variety of secluded spots. This approach ensures a meaningful adventure without spending your entire day at sea.


Our affordable private boat trips to Balos are designed with you in mind. They offer the freedom to explore on your own terms, ensuring a memorable and cost-effective experience. Whether you’re an early riser or a sunset lover, these tours promise beauty, adventure, and convenience. Join us from Kissamos Port and unlock the magic of Balos and beyond.