Experience Crete with the locals

Experience Crete with the locals

“In Crete, the stranger is still the unknown god. Before him all doors and all hearts are opened.”

– Nikos Kazantzakis, “Report to Greco”

You planned your vacations in Crete, you booked the flight to Chania and now what? You are googling for “the most beautiful places in Crete”? Or “things to do in Chania”? “Things to do in Crete”? Right?

But what you really want is something authentic, something off the beaten track, something unique!  You want to experience Crete with the locals !

Well hello! Let us introduce ourselves, we are SEAzetheDay and we are NOT another boat rental company!

But why don’t you live the Cretan experience like a local? Think about all the things that you will learn, all the history that will unravel in front of your eyes all the stories our captains will share with you. Let us treat you as friends, prepare a delicious meal on board and raise all together our glasses with local wine or raki and drink to health, friendship and never-ending summer.

Because what matters in life is not the destination but sharing the journey.

Basically we are not a company (ok, we are typically) but we are Panos, Minos and Giannis, three Cretans, friends and fishermen who know the island and the sea like the back of our hands therefore not only we will take you to all the amazing places you’ve been daydreaming when you decided to visit Crete, but we will also take you to our favorite places that we were swimming and fishing in Crete since we were young.

Enjoy It With Your Friends

And since you decided Crete will be your next destination you have surely heard about the legendary Cretan hospitality and this is what we offer here, we are not only renting boats and having boat tours in Crete. We offer genuine Cretan hospitality like the one we were taught from our families, and what we brag about is that we say hello to clients but at the end of the tour we say goodbye to friends.

You can rent a RIB boat with us, and live an authentic Cretan experience either from Chania, Kissamos or Ierapetra.