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Fishing Trips in Chania and Kissamos | Learn how to fish

December 11, 2020

When you come to Chania or Kissamos for your vacations in Greece, there are a lot of things to do. Most of them involve the sea since Crete is a very big island with a vast variety of marine life. At SEAze the Day we offer unique experiences at sea with local fishermen from Chania or Kissamos. 

fishing trips chania

Our friendly fishermen are Panagiotis, Minos and Jiannis. They are all experienced fishermen that will show you the ropes with ways of holding the rod and teach you different techniques for fishing for different kinds of fish. You can either book a fishing trip from Marathi, Chania or Kolymbari and go for small fish and do “catch and release”, just for getting grips with it, or you can even start your fishing charter from Kasteli in Kissamos and do the same or go fishing for bigger fish.

Fishing trip Kissamos

Either you choose to go to Marathi, Akrotiri, Chania or Kissamos you can always choose what you want to do. 

A typical full-day fishing trip looks may look like the following:

You meet one of our fishermen at the ports assigned to you in advance, according to weather conditions and fishing spots. Depending on what you want to catch we can show you THE best fishing spots that have specific fish underneath. We will even show you how o read the sonar of the boat to understand the marine life underneath. After boarding the boat, we will provide you with all the gear needed for fishing (rods, live baits, silicon baits). Get ready to get your hands dirty if you want to go fishing with live bait, because you are definitely going to touch our squishy, flexible little friends; the worms. If you want to go for bigger fish, you need to harm yourself with extra patience. Fishing requires patience. Most of all, a fishing trip harnesses you with a meditative state of tranquility. Out there, it’s only you and the sea. However, if you happen to catch your big fish, well then you may be able to take some of it with you and bring it to a restaurant at the port to cook it for you.

Fishing charters Chania

No matter how the day goes, you will definitely have learnt a lot from your fishing trips. 

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If you are interested in such a unique experience, book your fishing trip here.


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