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#Stayhome – #Menoume_Spiti

April 6, 2020

At SEAze The Day, we perfectly understand the current events and situations of travelling. We would never urge you to book a boat trip now.

What we are asking of you now, is to be responsible for your own actions. Stay at home, do not endanger people around you, nor yourself. Wash your hands thoroughly. Always put a mask and gloves on when you have to leave your house. We understand that staying at home is not easy. Especially for people like you, reading this article. We understand that you would prefer being on a boat, exploring the sea and the pristine beaches around the coast of Crete.

Balos Lagoon

Thus, we would like to recreate some memories from our blue seas, sandy beaches, a feeling of relaxation that we offer on our experiences. This feeling of calmness should become your guide to go through such hard days. Take a look at our Instagram account, get some inspiration. Yes, you will come to Crete! Yes, your dream vacation will not be cancelled! Yes..your dreams will come true!

If you have already arranged your trip to Crete, do not cancel it, but postpone it, accordingly. Because the adventure will never be over. Better days are just around the corner. But please, #stayhome or in Greek #menoume_spiti.

We are looking forward to seeing you as soon as everything is over.

Save the summer, Save Tourism, Save your inner peace.

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