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Top Destinations in Crete | Balos & Gramvousa

December 4, 2020

Balos captures your heart twice over: Once with a heart-stopping view that blends blues in a way that scarcely seems possible, and then from up close as a beach where you can swim or explore nature with equal pleasure. (Discover Greece)

An alluring and quite capturing place; Balos remains among the top beaches in the world. However, there are a ton of other great beaches to discover on a boat trip.

You can reach any beach on a boat trip with or without a skipper by renting a boat from Chania, Kissamos, Kolymbari, Marathi, Tersanas, Almyrida and Paleochora. 

Boat Trip from Kissamos

You can easily rent one of our boats from Kissamos without a skipper. If you are up to 6 people, we would suggest to rent the boat called “Nathanail”. Nathanail is safe and stable that makes you feel comfortable at sea.. Plus, if you would like to keep the boat for more than one day, this boat allows you to go on long-distance trips and reside on the boat when docked. This boat can easily be transferred by car to Kolymbari, Kissamos, Platanias (Agia Marina) or elsewhere upon request to go on a boat cruise.

Gramvousa Boat Trip

When you visit Balos by boat, you will also get the chance to visit the castle of Gramvousa. Gramvousa is an island only reachable by boat where you can walk up to the top of the fort on a 15 minute up-hill walk. The view that you get from Gramvousa is breathtaking and worth the 15-minute walk because afterwards you are rewarded with a refreshing swim on the clearest beach you have ever seen.

In case you want to travel further South by boat after visiting both Balos and Gramvousa, you can easily reach Falassarna. You will be amazed by how clear the water is with a sandy bottom. The beach of Falassarna is long and suitable for sea activities like surf and sup in case you are into any of the two. When in Falassarna you will definitely have to eat at a local restaurant called “Kapetan Nikolas” exactly attached to the tiny port of Falassarna. 

Boat Trip from Chania, Kissamos or Paleochora

Elafonisi is another one of the top beaches of the world, not only due to each pink sand but also due to its sand formation and sand dunes on the island. Not only can you reach Elafonisi from Chania or Kissamos, but you can also start your private boat cruise from Paleochora heading towards Elafonisi. This will take less time than starting your boat trip from Kissamos to Elafonisi or Chania to Elafonisi.

Boat Cruise from Marathi, Almyrida

Starting your boat cruise from Marathi or Almyrida provides you a chance of lifetime. You can easily visit Seitan Limania by boat and after that head off to Balos. This is a boat trip that you will never forget, since on the way to Balos you will see a ton of other beaches that are not very well-known by tourists. These beaches are private and quite secret, we would say, since not so many people know them and are not reachable by car. 

Seitan Boat Trip

Boat trip from Chania or Kolymbari

Have you ever heard of the beach Menies? Well, you will get to know this beach, since it has one of the best sea bottoms and is offered for an easy snorkelling octopus observation. There are many octopus in the area and if you get lucky you will get to see one. You can rent a boat from Kolymbari and easily reach Menies in less than 20 minutes and relax all day at sea. Mind that you can also start your boat trip from Chania.

Boat Trips Chania

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